A “real hybrid” machine for high-speed moulding

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 / Published in Exhibitors' news

The Brescia-based manufacturer has recently launched an eKW 35Pi/2200 Hybrid injection moulding machine, a model that combines all BMB experience gained in two areas of speciality, the one dedicated to fast cycling machines and the other dedicated to full electric technology thus condensing all the advantages into one series: the eKW Hybrid.

The machine runs with a 4+4 cavity stack mould fabricated by Plastisud, which thanks to the injection compression moulding process guarantees the mechanical properties and quality of the final product with thin wall thickness and material savings.

The product is a 12 g. food container for butter or cream cheese, integrated with a DV-Verstraete - IML labelling system operated by a Machines Pagès robot, with a cycle time of 5 sec.

The core of the system is the BMB “true hybrid”’ injection moulding machine, which ensures shorter cycle times, combined with the movements precision but with considerable energy savings. The eKW Hybrid Series has evolved by pursuing ever more creative personalized solutions to achieve high engineering levels.


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