Haitian and Sepro for integrated injection moulding press/robot packages

Friday, November 3, 2017 / Published in Exhibitors' news

Haitian International Germany and Sepro Group will begin making 3-and 5-axis robots available with Haitian plastic injection-moulding machines throughout Europe with Sepro’s control integrated into the IMM operator interface. The agreement allows Haitian to meet increasing demand for robot/IMM packages.


More flexibility through integration in production

“Our mission is to continuously expand Technology to the Point with a high degree of integration,” said Xiang Linfa, general manager of Haitian International Germany, detailing the intention of the cooperation. “The partnership with Sepro is an important step in this direction. Through this cooperation we broaden our range of offers to include optimal solutions for automated processes, production cells, and production lines”.

It also creates new opportunities for Sepro. “Through our agreement with Haitian International Germany, Sepro is proud to expand the range of robot choices available to molders that use Haitian injection molding equipment throughout Europe”, said Jean-Michel Renaudeau, CEO of Sepro Group.


Unified platform

Sepro uses a single, unified control platform, called Visual, to simplify programming and operation of its entire portfolio, including 3- and 5-axis Cartesian beam robots. In integrated “Haitian by Sepro” package solutions, robot control is integrated into the machine control so that the machine operator has access to all basic settings and robot data directly on the IMM control panel. 

Mr. Renaudeau believes that this kind of integration will significantly advance the topic of “Industry 4.0” in the industry. Also Mr. Xiang has his eye on the benefits for customers: “We respond consistently to demand. Our interfaces, plus the possibility of being integrated into MES systems, offer a high degree of integration in plastics processing. For the customer this means the highest possible productivity and thus greater profitability, but also it means more flexibility and cost efficiency with every individual contract.”


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