Lehvoss materials for high-strength compounds and 3D printing

Thursday, November 30, 2017 / Published in Exhibitors' news

The new Luvocom CXR product by Lehvoss supplies thermoplastic compounds based on polyamide that can be cross-linked by irradiation. Products from this line are characterized by an elevated temperature resistance and continuous service temperature. Combining them with reinforcing materials and additives makes it possible to produce high-strength and tribologically enhanced compounds. This leads to higher material strengths under the influence of heat together with a longer lifespan of components.

Based on the high-temperature resistant polymer PEEK, Luvocom 1114 offers new materials with exceptional tribological and thermal properties. In comparison to other high-temperature polymers, the wear and friction characteristics of compounds from this line exhibit a low and particularly uniform curve up to 165 °C. Luvocom 1114 also has an elevated heat deflection temperature.

In Luvocom 3F, the Lehvoss Group is presenting a new product line for 3D printing. The materials are optimized for use in extrusion-based 3D printing processes - including fused filament fabrication. Support for the development of materials and customer components comes from the company’s own pilot plant for 3D printing.


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