KraussMaffei has added a rebar pultrusion system to its TechCenter in Munich

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 / Published in Exhibitors' news

The German extrusion specialists are displaying how fibreglass rebar gives builders better doors and windows for concrete buildings, as the profiles are light but very strong.
Pultrusion fibreglass rebar also resists corrosion well and can be produced much faster than through conventional tub or pull-through methods.
KraussMaffei hopes its second pultrusion system in its TechCenter of Reaction Process Machinery will expand expertise for a newly developed rebar system, with the first pultrusion system, the iPul system for flat sections, KraussMaffei now offers its customers a unique research environment to develop new processes and applications in pultrusion.
Sebastian Schmidhuber, Head of Development for Reaction Process Machinery at KraussMaffei, said: “Pultrusion is a simple way to produce cost-effective profiles, there are hardly any turnkey offers and it is a growth technology. In addition, we are knowledgeable about fibres, metering technology and associated process technology.
“Together with the first iPul system, a flat profile system, we offer our customers a comprehensive and globally unmatched range of research and development opportunities in the field of pultrusion. They are corrosion-resistant compared to classical steel reinforcements. Therefore, the overlaying concrete layers can be considerably thinner.”
The rebar profiles provide cheaper transport, easier handling onsite and a continuous drum wound production process. They are ideal for bridges, roads, or environmentally sensitive buildings.

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