Bandera marks long-lasting South American blown film collaboration

Friday, January 19, 2018 / Published in Exhibitors' news

Bandera is marking its collaboration with a South American producer who has invested in new machinery for the production of agrifilm and geomembrane.
A prominent South American producer relies on Bandera for the supply of a 1800mm diameter extrusion die head that is used in the production of agrifilm and geomembrane.
The collaboration started in 2007 and led to purchases of extruders to replace parts and improve the productive efficiency. Since then the partnership has grown stronger from continuous collaboration.
Due to the expansion of the South American producer, new plants have been opened in Central and South America. This has meant new extrusion line machineries and new purchase orders for Bandera.
From 2007 to present Bandera has around 20 orders made by the investor for its innovative technologies.

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