Cofit sets up a new laboratory and steps up innovation

Thursday, March 1, 2018 / Published in Exhibitors' news

Investments and a look ahead to Plast 2018


Cofit sets up a new laboratory and steps up innovation


Research and development has always been central to the industrial strategy pursued by Cofit, which has therefore recently strengthened its facilities with a new laboratory for developing and testing its products, so as to be able to provide precise technological answers to the needs of an increasingly complex and constantly evolving market.

“We have set up an internal facility that will allow us to carry out all testing of materials and machinery completely in-house, in order to be able to step up our pursuit of the technological innovation and product development that have always been two key strategic pillars for Cofit. But we are also focusing on meeting the needs of an increasingly international clientele, which often asks us if we can carry out tests on their materials. Now, thanks to this new laboratory, we will be able to meet these requests. This investment speaks volumes about our determination to focus increasingly on research and development, so as to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and constantly offer the market innovations”, commented Alessandro Fabbri, President of Cofit.


Simplifying operations and cutting equipment costs

The company has always combined design expertise with cutting-edge processing techniques, to allow the companies that use its products to introduce an automatic manufacturing process, simplifying operations and reducing plant management costs. As a specialist in the field of filtration, Cofit has, over time, developed numerous technologically important patents, which allow it to provide a complete service to the most important manufacturers and users of equipment for the processing of both post-consumer and post-industrial plastic materials. What is more, its technologies allow energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of the production system.

The patented system for the replacement of filter screens in the AP series, for example, has led to the production and marketing of a complete range of continuous screenchangers that do not interrupt the production cycle. The self-cleaning device that allows screens to be cleaned without being removed was developed on the basis of a previous innovative patent covering the valves for directing the flow inside the screenchanger.


A new screenchanger at Plast 2018

“Our new product, which is the first one we tested in our laboratory, after it had been used for a number of months in an important recycling plant, is called GorillaBelt-T, and it is set to become our company’s flagship product. It will soon be unveiled, at Plast 2018, among Cofit’s other technological solutions. Its strong point is its fully automatic continuous operation”, Fabbri said, providing a foretaste of what his company will be exhibiting at the international fair in Milan, running from 29 May to 1 June.

GorillaBelt-T, the latest evolution of the GorillaBelt model, is a highly innovative screenchanger that allows filtration of thermoplastic melt, both post-consumer and other types, whatever its degree of contamination and whatever impurities it contains for example melt derived from films used in the building industry or in agriculture. In order to guarantee process continuity, the system is based on a structure with two channels and two screen belts. Thus, in the presence of highly contaminated materials, a number of filtration cycles can be carried out, each of which may even last less than a minute. The programmable configurations mean that no staff are required. The extremely simple structure, combined with highly innovative solutions, even for elements like the support carriage, make for easy and minimal maintenance.


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