Arkema thermoplastic composites based on PVDF reinforced with carbon fibres

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 / Published in Exhibitors' news

In collaboration with Arkema, Xenia has successfully developed the new family Xecarb 45 of PVDF composite compounds for injection and extrusion processes directed toward a wide range of specialty applications in the chemical processing industry requiring extreme durability and longevity. The new compounds feature truly exceptional mechanical properties, with elastic modulus of up to 15,000 MPa and outstanding resistance to a very wide range of aggressive chemicals. Parts and pieces made from these compounds may be further processed by traditional welding and fabrication methods already commonly employed with standard Kynar PVDF grades from Atkema.

“We are very proud of this partnership, which leverages the extensive R&D resources of both companies”, said Fabio Azzolin, president of Xenia. “This collaboration further extends the partnership we have recently developed with Arkema in adjacent high performance polymers like long chain polyamides and Pebax elastomers”, continued Azzolin.

“Arkema is a proven leader in fluoropolymer innovation. Our ability to closely collaborate with an expert in the field of specialty fibre-reinforced composites, adds an exciting new dimension in new high performance applications”, added Anthony Bonnet, Arkema’s global research director for technical polymers.


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