Franceschetti Elastomeri at Plast with new products

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 / Published in Exhibitors' news

In January 2018 Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri introduced on the market the new range of Masterefran expanding masterbatches announced by Giulia Franceschetti at the TPE conference, on November 2017 in Munich (Germany): "We decided to invest our 30 years of experience in the development of a new process on a new production line specifically designed in collaboration with Leistritz".

The Masterfran range, that Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri will also present at Plast 2018 in Milan next May, are expanding masters where the active principle is incorporated in a polymeric support (often EVA) which makes it compatible with many plastic materials such as TPE-S, polyolefins, PVC, EVA, EPDM, polyurethane etc. The careful management and the strict control of pressure and temperature in the production line allow a steady reproducibility from batch to batch as well as a consistent dispersion of the active ingredient inside the carrier.

Masterfran are based both on physical expanding principles and on mixtures of physical and endothermic expanding principles with concentrations up to 65% in order to offer different levels and different types of expansion and to satisfy all the markets and applications. In addition to the innovative product, we offer technical support to the customer by validating the degree of simulated expansion for the final product in the laboratory and we also provide assistance during the moulding phase.

"To date", says the sales manager Domenico Uccheddu, "we sell these products to customers who need excellent performance in light weighting, to customers who are looking for a lightweight material but with high mechanical performance but also to customers who use small quantities of expanding masters to solve common problems of sink marks and shrinkage, typical of injection molding. Excellent results obtained in extrusion with important lightening of the finished product".

All products are designed for both injection moulding and extrusion.The product also complies with the following regulations for food contact:

- (EU) No 10/2011 and amendments;

- Italian Ministerial Decree of March 21, 1973 and amendments;

- FDA, US Food & Drug Administration.

The product is sold in 25 kg bags appropriately initialed according to product class.


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