New CMG grinding systems for recycling PET preforms

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 / Published in Exhibitors' news

CMG launches a new series of system solutions for PET preform production. The very innovative and unique attributes of such new series are several and all contribute to obtaining the highest degree of productivity, regrind quality (homogeneous particle dimensions and absence of dust), efficiency of operation and the lowest TCO. The standard configurations of the new series cover capacities of 150, 250, 350, 500, 700 and 1000 kg/h. Smaller, intermediate, or larger capacities are also available.


The new CMG series of grinding systems designed for PET preforms features integral infeed conveyor with rigid belt, stainless steel holding hopper and sides, metal detector, and enclosed feed chute to granulator. The infeed conveyor is integral part of the system, not anymore an appendix or an auxiliary device, and is controlled by the granulator so to synchronize all operations in full.


All CMG grinders for application with PET preforms are manufactured with the highest degree of materials and components. The very unique CMG cutting chamber is the signature feature of the new line. Totally assembled form CNC machined steel parts, fabricated with tolerances down to the hundredth of a millimetre, the very high degree of precision of assembly guarantees very accurate cut, dimensional homogeneity of the regrind particles and no generation of dust.


The PET preform regrind is evacuated from the granulator collection bin, positioned underneath the cuttings chamber, by a full-vacuum regrind conveying system, another very unique and valuable characteristic of the new CMG PET Preform series. Vacuum conveying through large diameter steel piping ensures no mechanical stress of the regrind with consequent absence of generation of dust. Conventional thru-fan solutions are very detrimental to the quality of the PET preform regrind. An additional benefit to the implementation of full-vacuum evacuation and conveying systems, a design of CMG, is the total elimination of pollution of powdery air to the surrounding environment.


The new PET Preform grinding systems line of CMG is equipped with integral controls that monitor all functions from the moment the preforms are dumped into the holding hopper of the infeed conveyor all the way the regrind is conveyed into a surge bin for subsequent utilization or into a big bag for transportation to other locations. The new controls also extend to the the surge bin level management or to the automatic selection of a multiple position big bag filling station. All CMG PET Prefom grinding systems are certified for compliancy to Industry 4.0.


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