Even more power: the new GX 1300 from KraussMaffei

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 / Published in Exhibitors' news

With the new large GX - clamping force of 13,000 kN - KraussMaffei intends to achieve an even better foothold in the growth market of logistics and packaging. Decisive benefit of the new size: applications such as buckets or crates can be implemented in a double cavity on one machine, for example. The compact design of the 2-platen technology also saves valuable installation space.


One application example is the production of reusable crates for the transport and storage of a wide variety of goods. For a reusable crate that is meant to survive for many years in a closed transport circuit for food, for instance, sturdy wall thicknesses are required in comparison to disposable crates. This requires a high material throughput with a short cycle time. This is where the benefits of the HPS barrier screws from KraussMaffei come into play. The melt is conducted forward through two channels, and the dyes are distributed with outstanding evenness. The outcome is top-notch homogenisation of the melt, which in turn allows for streak-free surfaces. This is particularly important for branded products such as beverage crates.


In the production of large buckets, the GX series likewise features outstanding performance and maximum sustainability. First and foremost, these products require a large capacity and high stability at the same time, as well as minimum material consumption in production and smooth, flawless surfaces. The GX series scores a point with the Speed option. Synchronised with GuideX, a precision guide with very low resistance even at high mold load, the Speed option provides extremely fast clamping movements and reduces the cycle time for large opening strokes. Together with the in-mold labelling process (IML), individualised decorations of the buckets can also be integrated cost-effectively.


Like the other GX machines, the latest member of the series is optionally equipped with APC plus (Adaptive Process Control). This machine function ensures extreme consistency in the component weight - even if recycled material is used - and thus high product quality. It does so by regulating the changeover point from injection pressure to holding pressure and the holding pressure level in real time. This allows for reducing the scrap to a minimum. The low energy consumption is the result of the BluePower servo drive and it is another selling point of the GX series in terms of conserving resources.


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