A sheet coextrusion line from Amut in Egypt

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 / Published in Exhibitors' news

An Amut extrusion line for PS and PP sheets to be thermoformed has been installed at an Egyptian converter. The plant reaches over 700 kg/h of total output, and produces sheets with a 1,000 mm usable width and an ABC layers configuration with a thickness range of 0.2 to 2 mm.


The Easy Feed main single screw extruder has a diameter of 75 mm and an L/D ratio of 52:1, and is based on an extrusion and feeding concept designed to feed up to 100% thin grind material, without reducing the hourly output of the plant: the result is an operator-friendly and flexible machine. The EA 48 L/D 40:1 and EA 35 L/D 33:1 co-extruders are equipped with water-cooled bushes, gravimetric dosing units and gear pumps that guarantee constant and accurate flow control.


The need for a high level of automation required by the customer is satisfied by the thickness gauge and the automatically adjusted die. The tailor-made high heat exchange vertical calender ensures a correct sheet cooling. An intermediate sheet cutting system and a 3-station winding system complete the equipment of this line, capable of producing rolls up to 1,200 mm in diameter.



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