Repsol and Elix Polymers sign a collaboration agreement on circular economy

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 / Published in Exhibitors' news

The agreement reached between Repsol and Elix Polymers will allow the development of a collaborative framework in circular economy matters, that includes the commitment to supply regularly circular styrene with ISCC Plus certification from 2021. In this way, both companies reinforce their relationship by collaborating closely to achieve their objectives within their respective circular economy strategies.


Repsol has produced polyolefins and other circular petrochemical products, such as styrene, with the ISCC Plus certification since the end of 2019. This certification, which all Repsol petrochemical complexes have, allows the company to guarantee the traceability of the waste used to offer its customers a product with recycled material for applications that demand high standards of hygiene and safety. These circular products are obtained through the chemical recycling of post-consumer plastic waste that is not suitable for mechanical recycling.


In addition to the regular supply of certified circular styrene, the agreement includes the possibility of developing joint projects in the field of circularity for applications such as toys, small household appliances, garden items, automotive exterior and interior parts, or medical devices.


Repsol has had a circular economy strategy since 2016 that has been applied throughout the company's entire value chain, from obtaining raw materials to marketing products and services. This initiative is added to the 200 projects that Repsol currently has underway in this field to promote the objective, announced last December 2, to become a zero net emissions company in 2050, the first in its sector.


As part of its sustainability strategy, Elix Polymers is developing high-end sustainable solutions for its customers. To this end, the company establishes partnerships with raw material suppliers that allow the company to increasingly integrate into Elix's products, renewable raw materials, such as mechanically recycled high-quality ABS and monomers from chemical recycling. All this aiming to reduce the ecological footprint and contributing to the establishment of new standards for the plastics industry.


Additionally, Repsol and Elix Polymers are members of the SCS (Styrenics Circular Solutions) platform, a joint industry initiative to increase the circularity of styrenics.


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