Friul Filiere develops special extrusion equipment for HDPE pipes

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 / Published in Exhibitors' news

The special equipment developed by Friul Filiere for the extrusion of three-layer HDPE pipes is characterized by the patented Tubeasy system implemented on the head as well as by the possibility of using recycled material. 


Tubeasy ensures the perfect alignment of the material flow by only adjusting two screws instead of four. The system is applicable to pipe heads of any size and material and is currently integrated into all heads made by the manufacturer from Friuli. The intervention on only two screws simplifies and speeds up the start-up phase of production with a reduction of 60% in waste. Compared to traditional time-consuming and cumbersome systems, Tubeasy delivers ease, speed and precision of use.


The technology developed by Friul Filiere allows converters to reduce the environmental impact of their plants and products thanks to the use of recycled material, and to manufacture products suitable for applications in various sectors, from packaging to the food industry, from agriculture to construction and furniture, which are in turn 100% recyclable. As for the three-layer pipes in question, their outer and inner layers are made of 10% virgin material while the core layer is 80% recycled material.


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