Preregistrations for visitors will open in April 2023.

Here below the registration and access procedure to visit PLAST 2018 for your reference.


PLAST 2018 was open to visitors, professionals and paying public, from Tuesday 29 May to Friday 1 June 2018, from 9.30 am to 6 pm.


Entrance was allowed after ticket purchase at FIERA MILANO receptions:

  • 30 euros for one entrace at PLAST 2018
  • 50 euros for two entrances at PLAST 2018 (always by the same ticket holder, in case also the same day)
  • 80 euros for four entrances at PLAST 2018 (always by the same ticket holder, in case also the same day).

Preregistration for free entrances  

Professionals who intended to visit the exhibition may asked for a ticket valid for:

  • 2 free entrances at PLAST 2018

By preregistering at the link accessible by 15 January 2018 until 15 March 2018.

Preregistration with invitation-code

After 15 March 2018, preregistration was valid for 2 free entrances (always by the same ticket holder, in case also the same day), only if visitor had related “invitation-code” offered by an exhibitor.

Such code, for 2 entrances at PLAST 2018, had to be validated by the holder by preregistering at the link accessible by 16 March 2018 until 1 June 2018.

Advanced purchase at reduced prices

After 15 March 2018, visitors not preregistered and without invitation-code may purchased their ticket at 50% reduced prices, avoiding queues in reception, at the link accessible by 16 March 2018 until 1 June 2018.


A free ticket for one entrance at PLAST 2018 could be required at the receptions by:

  • accompanied minors: the visit is not recommended, however in case of interest, parents or accompanying adults take full liability, undersigning specific declaration
  • soldiers: respective Army pass has to be shown
  • students: respective University pass has to be shown
  • disabled people (and possible accompany people): upon request (the fairgrounds allow easy access).


TICKET PURCHASE (non-preregistered visitors)

Visitors not preregistered or who lost their ticket had to fill a registration form available in reception and released it to the counters for purchasing the ticket of their interest.

TICKET USE (preregistered visitors)

Preregistered visitors showed their ticket, with Qr Code or Bar Code linked to personal data submitted. The ticket allowed access through turnstiles showing “Fast Lane” logo, reserved to preregistered visitors only.
Improper use or duplication of the ticket had to be avoided: only the first ticket detected at the turnstiles is validated, further copies were voided.


For assistance, FIERA MILANO Call Centre (Tel. +39 02 49976144)  is available from 15.1.2018.  


The reserved area for exhibitors applied within December 10, 2022 will be online by the end of January 2023.




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