Turnkey solution for agricultural films by Mondon

Friday, May 25, 2018 / Published in Exhibitors' news

Specialised in winding and converting machines, Mondon (hall 15, stand C59 at Plast 2018) offers a turnkey solution to agricultural film producers. This unique full automatic solution can be applied for stretch or non-stretch film. The numerous advantages of both solutions are suitable for every films production line films.


Non-stretch: mulch film and green house film

Directly connected to the extrusion line, the FTW series winder aims to rewind tubes or flat films. This full automatic winder, the only one on the international market, loads the cores and unloads the rolls by itself. The automatic splice and roll change-over complies with non-stop processes, spares the use of an accumulator and the operator simply loads new cores in hidden time. The winder delivers the rolls to the wrapping station.

The automatic wide film roll wrapping machine wraps and seals rolls coming from the Mondon winder. The ultrasonic welding of the edges creates a candy bar to handle rolls easier. The rolls are conveyed then to the palletizing machine.

The full automatic palletizer builds the layers, binds them and may place inserts. The factory can record pallet recipes as such as the number of layers, placing an insert or not, number of rolls per layer etc.


Stretch blown film: bale wrapping film

FTW stretch winder is designed for stretch blown film. A slitting system permits to obtain 500 or 750 webs. The winder has a full automatic technology which implies automatic roll change-over. The finished rolls are unloaded by themselves and the cores are loaded in hidden time. The core width is detected automatically with precision – possibility to wind different width. This dual winder is available in 3 designs: face-to-face, back-to-back or stacked.

The full automatic packing machine mounts cardboard cases, then packs rolls, inserts a leaflet and closes the cardboard cases. Once achieved, the cases are sent to the palletizing station.

The full automatic palletizer allows mounting pallets of boxes. It records flexible recipes to adjust the pallets. This palletizer, reported to be versatile, can also be installed on existing lines and can be used for two packaging lines.



Source: MacPlas (www.macplas.it)


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